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The Web Is Going Mobile

Smartphones are getting more and more ubiquitous and people have started surfing websites on their mobiles more than ever. This trend is going to grow in 2011. The number of mobile Internet users has touched 90 million already. South Africa has one of the highest saturation of mobile /cell phone users in the world with over 96% market penetration The need for your site to be mobile / cell phone friendly has never been greater. Your site needs to be mobile / cell phone compliant and optimized for relevant mobile applications, such as Google's Mobile Search Services and mobile keyword tool in AdWords. Google itself has stated that mobile search results take precedence over desktop search results when it comes to mobile / cell phone searching. This underscores the need to invest your time and money in a mobile version of your website in the coming year.

We would like to encourage all our current clients to “enhance” their current websites for mobile. If your site has been built by us, we can quickly and easily adapt you HTML code so your website displays correctly on almost all mobile / cell phones. If your website was not built by us we can still assist you in recoding your website to be mobile / cell phone compliant.

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