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H2L Online Marketing Turn Page

Create your own powerful Turn Page For all your digital publishing needs, we will digitize your documents with our Turn Page, technology. Our turn page or flip page software, will convert your PDF documents into a flash page flip book (complete with page turning sound effects) that can be viewed from any webpage.

Digitally publishing your documents has never been so easy and affordable. Go Green; by digitalizing your documents, you’re encouraging a paper-free world. Help preserve our environment, save paper, reduce printing, save the trees and help decrease green house gases! Turn-Page doesn't only digitalize your publications-it transforms it into a whole new user-friendly interactive experience. Users can flip through animated pages full of images and articles as if the publication was directly in front of them. But that’s not all: videos can be viewed, links can be accessed, songs and sound clips can play directly from the interactive pages.

Click on the image below to see a demo of our Turn Page Technology.


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