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Top 10 SEO Mistakes

Many businesses still not considering SEO when developing a website, it’s important to plan your marketing and SEO strategy right from the start. A website that is poorly structured can be very difficult to optimise resulting in an increase of costs.

Using the same title tag in the entire site decreases your chances of ranking well for your target keywords, it is much better to customise each title tag, according to the content in the page.

Removing a popular page from your website resulting in loosing visitors, when re-designing your website try keeping the same site structure in place, if this is not possible use "301 permanently moved", redirecting traffic from all previous pages to the new pages.

Not having a sitemap, Sitemaps can be used to help your visitors finding pages in your site and, most importantly, to search engine spiders find new pages easily. Make sure you update your sitemap every time you add a new page to your website and link to it from your homepage.

Misuse of robots.txt, more often than not webmasters still putting wrong commands in their robot txt and accidentally block a search engine.

Improper use of anchor text tag of internal and incoming links, avoid using terms like “Next Page” or “Click Here” when linking to other pages in your site, for effective linking structure use keywords that actually describe the content of the page that you’re linking to. And while you can’t control the anchor text tag in incoming links, you can always ask the linking site to change it or provide ready-made linking codes.

Inaccessible navigation, search engine spiders don’t follow links in certain navigation structures such as flash or JavaScript menus, if they cannot crawl all pages on your site they cannot index it resulting in only a portion of your website being visible.

Linking to (and from) bad sites can actually get your site penalised or even banned. Avoid linking to websites that are associated with obscure activities such as link farms, unethical traffic exchanges or malicious software. And even though you can’t control who links to you, it could potentially damage your reputation if you’re seen hanging out in a bad neighborhood. If you find any incoming links from such websites you should politely ask them to remove the link.

Optimising for search engine spiders not visitors. Although you need to make sure that your website is spider friendly you should not overlook human visitors’ needs. Optimise your content and design for primarily for users and the search engine success will follow.

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