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Search Engine Optimisation FAQ's

What is Search Engine optimisation?

Search Engine Optimization is the action of adjusting various criteria on your website such as content, meta tags and URLs etc., so that your website can rank better on major search engines and so that search engines can crawl your site correctly. Essentially it is optimizing your website so that it comes up on the first three pages of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN

What are Search Engine Submissions?
The process of adding your website in the line to be crawled by the spiders used by a search engine . We will optimize your website for all the major search engines by submitting your website, manually . We do NOT use a program to do this function as this is often seen as spam by the spiders and can lead to your site being “blacklisted” by Google. We have over 200 search engines and directories worldwide that we submit each client to.

Why use H2L instead of another SEO company?

You should use H2L for your SEO because:

We have over 5 years SEO experience in the highly competitive UK SEO market.

Our existing clients are ranking on the first three pages of Google and Yahoo for keywords relating to their products and services

We never stop learning. The internet is a constantly changing platform, we continuously seek to update our knowledge of SEO in order to keep up with the changing algorithms of the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo

You have your own account manager, managing your account, so you don't have to repeat yourself to various team members.
We deliver results, not empty promises

N.B H2L is bound by a professional code of ethics, we DONT promise you top result on the first page of Google for every keyword you select. No one can make that promise, as at the end of the day the Search Engine always have the final say in how it will rank your site. If you come across companies on the internet making these promises, they are lying, simple!

What is Keyword Optimisation?
The most effective keywords are the niche phrases that may not get you the most traffic but can have the greatest effect on getting your website the most RELEVENT traffic. The more relevant traffic will have a dramatic effect on your conversions and ROI. We analysis your website and recommend the most appropriate keywords and phrases to optimise and promote your site, from mainstream high hit count keywords to the niche more directly relevant ones.

What is Link Checking?

Ever looked for something on the internet, found it at last, clicked to open the site and all you get is 404 error? That is a broken link. This can be very annoying to a potential client, who has made the effort to find your site. Broken links not only give a potential client the opion that you are unprofessional but can have a detrimental effect to your search engine rankings, as a spider can only find links that work! We can find, repair and fine tune your website so it runs at its full potential.

What is Web Accessibility?
Web accessibility is a term that describes how your site ranks in terms of accessibility when used by potential clients who are navigation challenged people, such as disabled individuals. It refers to the practice of making websites usable by people of all abilities and disabilities. When sites are properly planned, designed, developed and optimized, all users (regardless of background or ability) can have equal access to information and functionality. This is really a representation of equality on cyberspace. For example, a site built with all users in mind, including textual descriptions provided for images and links named meaningfully, would be a helpful benefit to blind users utilising text-to-speech software etc.

Who is navigation challenged?

Any potential client who has one or more of the following disabilities:

  • Visual: Visual impairments including blindness, various common types of poor vision and poor eyesight, and various grades of colour blindness;

  • Mobility: can include difficulty or inability to use the hands, including muscle slowness, tremors, lack of fine muscle control, Parkinson's Disease, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, or stroke.

  • Auditory: Deafness or hearing impairments, including individuals who are hard of hearing.

  • Neurological: For example, epileptic seizures caused by visual strobe or flashing effects.

  • Cognitive: Developmental disabilities, learning disabilities (dyslexia, dyscalculia, etc.), and cognitive disabilities of various origins, affecting memory, attention, developmental "maturity," problem-solving and logic skills.

What are SEO Tools?

In order for the SEO process to be effective, a collection of useful SEO tools are required. Below we show what kinds of SEO tools can help online business owners develop and improve their websites, making them more SEO friendly? There are a considerable amount of SEO tool options available online. Some useful SEO tools include the following:

1. Link Tools

  • Backlink analyser - this SEO tool helps when researching and analysing websites for quality links. The SEO tool checks for indexed web pages, website links, domain age and expiration etc.

  • Link popularity check - assists in checking and / or measuring a website's online visibility on search engines.

  • Site link analyser - analyses web pages accumulating data (outbound links and the anchor text associated with it).

  • Backlink summary - enables website owners to receive a summary of the backlinks being used by industry competitors.

2. Keyword Tools

  • Wordtracker -offers keyword suggestions based on the most current internet user searches on search engines.

  • Keyword density analysis - this SEO tool determines the density of keywords and phrases on a web page. Keyword density analysis helps to determine content ratios (i.e.: keywords that are used too often or not enough on a web page).

  • Keyword difficulty - analyses how competitive particular keywords and phrases which are searched for actually are. The SEO tool also offers a percentage score, as well as a detailed analysis of the highest ranking websites on major search engines, namely Google and Yahoo.

  • Website keyword suggestions - useful for determining the overall theme of a website and providing suggested keywords, as well as keyword traffic estimates.

  • Google keyword tool – by far the most accurate of all the keywords tools found on the internet. A free version is available here: at H2L we use our Google Pro version of this tool.

3. Rank Checking Tools

  • Google rankings - determines a website's rankings in Google search.

  • Yahoo Search rankings - determines a website's rankings in Yahoo search

  • Marketleap search engine verification tool - assesses if a website is ranked in the top 3 pages of a search engine result page (SERP) according to specific keywords.

4. Domain Tools

  • Domain age - this SEO tool determines the estimated age of a website on the internet. The SEO tool also allows website owners to view how an existing site looked when it first appeared on the web.

  • Domain dossier - useful for domain and IP address investigation.

  • Domain stats - useful to acquiring competitor domain statistics including traffic ranking, domain age, back-link counts and the amount of web pages that are indexed on all major search engines.

  • Domain popularity - this SEO tool reveals backlinks for a domain, host IP address and page ranking on Google.

  • HTTP / HTTPS header check - useful for inspecting HTTP / HTTPS headers that a web server returns when a URL is requested.

5. Miscellaneous Tools

  • Meta tag generator - this SEO tool will scan a web page that is requested, remove common words off of it and assess what words are most used on the page. The SEO tool will then generate a meta keywords tag by using the most common words used on the web page. It is important to match your existing code.
  • Speed tester - assists with determining how long a website takes to load.
  • Similar page checker - this SEO tool is useful for identifying content that may have been duplicated or written very similarly. Search engines can penalise websites using duplicated or similarly content that can be found on another site. It is always best to write your OWN content, H2L can assist you with this, we have a team of SEO trained content writers at your disposal. Call them now on 022 5590800 for a FREE quote. N.B if you are a SEO customer we will asst you to write good content FREE of charge.

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