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Pay Per Click FAQ's
  • What is pay per click advertising?

    It is a method of advertising on the internet where the advertiser gets charged for every click on their specific advert.

  • I'm new to the world of pay-per-click, how do I choose where to advertise?

    H2L Online Marketing recommends using the Google Adwords platform or getting involved in social network marketing like Facebook, this is all dependant on what services or products you are offering. A good place to begin is to ask for opinions is from business associates and businesses who have already used PPC campaigns for advertising purposes.

  • Do I get charged every time someone clicks on my link, even if it's the same person clicking over and over again?

    What you are talking about is PPC fraud, an increasing problem for businesses on the Internet, the trust runs with the company providing the advertising to make sure that click fraud is kept to a minimum. If there is a suspected case then we will contact the Pay Per Click engine to look into it.

  • What we need from our clients?

    We need and approved budget, a list of keywords and approved ads to start the campaigns. We will then make sure that there are effective landing pages specified and start running the campaign.

  • How do I know if it is working?

    H2L Online Marketing will make sure that there are tracking codes in place to make sure that every click and conversion is tracked to see where we can eliminate dead ads and keywords so that we can optimise the campaigns to their full potential.
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