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Logo Design FAQ's
  • Can I get my existing logo redone?

    Most logo designers will encourage it. If your design seems to be getting old and losing its appeal, then a new design may be a good, fresh start for your business. Statistics show that businesses tend to change their logo at least once every ten years.

  • Who will ultimately own the rights of my logo?

    Almost all logo design companies will tell you that your logo is yours outright. If H2L Online Marketing designs your logo for you, you will own it outright.

  • What if I do not completely like my logo?

    We give our clients 3 versions of the logo, we also give them numerous changes dependant on the package that was chosen, please see our logo design page for rates.

  • Will I be provided with samples?

    Yes, we will give you 3 sample logo's.

  • What are vector files?

    Vector files can be resized, scaled, and enable the user to change color or fonts of an image. Vector files are used by professional designers and print shops. GIFs or bitmap formats are recommended for Web sites.

  • What is a bitmap file?

    Bitmap files are popular and the best to use on the Web. They can be used with most word-processing applications. They are small in size, but hard to manipulate because they are inefficient in resolution. The most popular bitmap files are GIF, JPEG, TIFF, and BMP.

  • What services do logo designers usually provide?

    Letterhead, envelope, business card, and Web site design.

  • What if I wanted the logo to be based on my own design?

    This is encouraged by H2L Online Marketing. Designers will usually have a creative session with you to discuss what the logo should look like and most likely will not have any problems with your ideas. They will simply provide their insight and let you know of any limitations.

  • What is the difference between a print logo and a web logo?

    Print logos warrant a higher resolution and need to be saved in certain standard print format. Web logos require a much smaller resolution (they only need to be displayed on screen). They are not a good choice for printing (they will appear blurred or jagged on paper).

  • I've made my decision - I want H2L Online Marketing to design my logo for me. Now what do I do?

    If you have decided you want a logo designed or have any questions, simply fill out our small form to start the process, we will then call you and get a logo specification from you to get the ball rolling.
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